Trepidations: Part 2

Money is the root of all evil. Money isn’t everything. The best things in life are free. Health is better than wealth. Yes, these are all true. However it is also true that in order to drive across the country, eat healthily, and avoid busking for spending cash one must have some money in the bank. Money is not something of which we have an abundance, so of course I am a little worried about spending everything on what is at best a romantic adventure, and at worst an excellent way to ruin our chances at a comfortable future.

My definition of comfortable is obviously going to have to change. I am pretty spoiled. In fact, most Americans (even those in relative poverty) are spoiled on the global scale. Which makes me VERY spoiled. I will have to get used to sleeping in a small trailer (hopefully procured soon), next to my lanky husband and with a large, furry husky mix on top of my feet. Currently Zephyr is not allowed on the bed, which is how I like it, much to his dismay. I am sure this road trip will be the best thing that has ever happened to him.  I will have to get used to not showering daily. I will have to get used to using fast food restrooms. Most of these things will come easily to me, as I am an avid camper and lived in Honduras for a semester in college. I can get used to being dirty and having cold showers. I can give up my pedicures and shopping sprees. But I have never had to worry about my next meal. I have never had to choose between fuel for my car and fuel for my body. I am hopeful we will not get to this point, but one never knows. If we blow our transmission.. well, you may see us slacklining in a park with a hat set out.

And what about that future? Is it really for the benefit of one’s future to work endlessly, saving up for that rainy day and paying monthly bills? Yes, if we ever want to buy a house we need to save and build our credit. Yes, if we want to have a kid, we better be financially stable enough to support it. But at the same time, won’t a trip like this add dollars to our bank of experience? Won’t the stories we have and the memories we make be worth more than the money we could have earned in the months that we are gone? I like to think so.


3 thoughts on “Trepidations: Part 2

  1. It’s actually the LOVE of money that’s the root of all evil. This trip will change your life in (mostly) good ways. I just wish we lived closer to a National Park!

  2. In the end, many years later, you will remember the TRIP and all its glory, and not the number of dollar bills you would’ve had in the bank if you hadn’t gone.

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