Washington Adventures Part Deux

Another trip to Washington has come and gone, and once again I was treated to a mixed bag of weather, including some gloriously sunny (albeit chilly) days. I arrived in Seattle decked out in my newest winter coat: a calf-length, hooded down coat that feels like a form-fitting sleeping bag. Perfect! I learned a valuable lesson this winter…the best deals on absurd winter coats can be found in the desert. I stepped outside the airport swathed in my glorified Snuggie, only to watch locals traipse around in thin cotton long-sleeves, obviously enjoying their “seasonably warm” evening. This wasn’t the last time on my trip I felt ridiculously overdressed. Whatevs…a person needs time to acclimate, especially a scrawny, desert and beach-habituated person like myself!

The next few days were full of activity. There were a couple days when Andrew went to work pouring concrete, and I relaxed around the house with his family while he was gone. Otherwise I made sure we did our best to get outdoors when the weather allowed, and tried to find new things to do. We spent some time outdoors with Andrew’s sister and our little niece, planting some new blueberry bushes and peach trees. Andrew also worked hard pruning the apple and pear trees, and set up some suet to attract woodpeckers. We also spent time outdoors practicing archery, our new favorite pastime. Although I’m a much better shot with a gun, I have to say! I guess it’s a lot easier to aim when you have a sight to look through. We also took a few walks, some in the neighborhood and some through the woods. This part of Washington is wondrously full of gorgeous evergreen trees and ferns, and I don’t know if the novelty of all the greenery will ever wear off. I’m sure the novelty of grey days will be gone in a flash, however!

Andrew’s parents were generous enough to give us a night in Seattle at their timeshare, and so we packed a small bag and took the train into the city. It was a lot of fun to use the public transportation in Seattle. We used an above ground train, an underground train, and a monorail while we were there. Public transportation gives you a unique, more thorough view of any given city, partly because you are forced to walk between stations and experience the sidewalk culture firsthand. One thing I learned very quickly is you must avoid standing under the edges of the awnings, or you will quickly be drenched with dirty water. You must also not use an umbrella, and if you’re a real Seattlean (Seattler? Seattlian?) you don’t stand under the awnings at all. A little mist never hurt anyone!

We had a wonderful dinner at a hip place called Restaurant Zoe. If you are a foodie and you are in the area, I highly recommend this place! And make sure you order the duck confit. It was divine!! The chefs were amazing, and they even added little “extras” in between our courses, which made me feel very fancy indeed. After dinner we walked around the neighborhood and found our way into a very eclectic bar. I think their theme was some combination of Lucha Libre paraphernalia and photobooth pictures. Odd. We stopped in for a drink and to observe the locals in their native habitat.

The next day we headed over to Seattle Center area, where the famous Space Needle is located. We had gorgeous sunny weather, and enjoyed strolling around the grassy areas, absorbing as much UV rays as possible. We also caught a showing of the IMAX 3D movie about the Hubble space telescope. It was phenomenal! The images that they have procured from that thing are mind-blowing. After a huge brunch of eggs and hash browns at a very local, very divey, very excellent bar, we headed back home to Puyallup. And no, I still don’t know quite how to pronounce that.

Now I am back in Tucson, enjoying the warm (almost hot!) sunshine, but looking forward to a more permanent living situation with my husband. While I was up in Washington Andrew and I had a couple of “interviews” at organic farms. I don’t want to say too much, as we have some possibilities brewing at the moment and I’m afraid to jinx them. I hope to know soon what is in store, and if no farms pan out we have a pretty good backup plan involving working hard for the summer, going to Burning Man, and possibly visiting my parents in Australia next winter. Not too shabby of a “Plan B” if I do say so…  Fingers crossed that good things are a-brewin’ for your favorite traveling Ides!


4 thoughts on “Washington Adventures Part Deux

  1. Futuristic future? Got my cooking “ray” oven, my Star Trek “”communicator” and talking computer. All I needs is my Jetson flying car and my city in the clouds!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Washington. My boyfriend and I just moved back up here from Flagstaff. It’s definitely colder and rainer then the southwest but the snowshoeing is amazing!!

  3. Just read your latest post! I wanna call you…do you still have the same number? (This is Erin)

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