Farm Photo Frenzy!

Six or so weeks have passed since I last blogged, and on a farm during the height of the busy season that means a tremendous amount of change. It’s a daunting task to bring you all up to date, so I am presenting you with the picture book version of events. Just click on the first photo and scroll through. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Farm Photo Frenzy!

  1. Really great to hear from you – thanks for keeping me on your email list – It has been a busy summer — seems more we do to the property the more there is to do – we did get away in July to the Atlantic Ocean along the Georgia coast and a few days in Savannah – back hard at work here and trying to get ready to go to Canada — we will be gone for about a month – wish we had time to swing out to see you both but maybe on next years trip — glad to see your smile — all the best  John and Brenda 


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